Jackson County document describes former Blue Springs doctor as child sexual predator

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Joseph Mackey, a former Blue Springs doctor, is charged with eight counts of sodomy.

Joseph Mackey, a former Blue Springs doctor, is charged with eight counts of sodomy.

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Horrific allegations against a former Blue Springs doctor and Boy Scout board member are now filed on paper in the official charging document, and prosecutors paint a  picture of a child sexual predator, charging Joseph Mackey, 43, with eight counts of statutory sodomy in the second degree.

Mackey, a former Blue Springs doctor turned himself into Blue Springs Police Monday morning, August 17, and then posted $50,000 bond.

The document describes repetitive predatory behavior; Mike Mansur with the Jackson County Prosecutors’ office, condenses the investigation and charges this way:

“According to court records, the victim told Blue Springs police that he first met Mackey, then a physician in Blue Springs, when he was 11-years old, through scouting. Later, the victim said Mackey introduced him to alcohol during a trip to St. Louis. Soon after, the victim, then 15, spent the night at Mackey’s home in Lee’s Summit where they touched each other and Mackey also engaged in oral sex with the victim. The victim also saw Mackey as a patient in Mackey’s medical office in Blue Springs, and the victim said he was involved in dozens of sexual encounters with the doctor between the age of 14 and adulthood.

Police found other victims who said they were touched by Mackey or were asked to masturbate for a study at the University of Kansas. KU medical officials told police no study existed. In 2013, the Missouri State Board for the Healing Arts informed police that they were launching an investigation. In October, Mackey relinquished his medical license.”

Police estimate Mackey sexually assaulted the first victim 150 to 200 times over the course of six years.

The probable cause statement describes the alleged pattern, as explained by one of the alleged victims:

‘The victim related a pattern developed during the encounters with “Joe.” The victim would be provided with alcohol, they would watch pornography (“heterosexual” and “lesbian”) and then the sexual touching would take place. The victim also said the various sexual encounters occurred outside of Jackson County, Missouri. The victim said these things happened over 40 times while the victim was 15-16 years of age. The victim estimated between the years of 14 to adulthood, the sexual encounters between the victim and Joe occurred between 150-200 times.’

The other two alleged victims told investigators that “Joe” often provided them with alcohol.

Victim #2 said while at “Joe’s” apartment in Lee’s Summit, Jackson County, Missouri prior to “Joe’s” house being built, Joe gave victim #2 alcohol. Victim #2 is a diabetic and said Joe showed no concerns about victim #2 drinking alcohol and victim #2’s diabetes. Victim #2 said “alcohol” was always a common theme while victim #2 got to “hang out” with the older kids drinking.’– (From the Jackson County probable cause statement.)

Joseph Mackey

Joseph Mackey

The second and third alleged victims were high school-aged teens who prosecutors say Mackey approached in 2004 to participate in a “creatine study.” Creatine is believed to increase muscle mass.

Mackey, prosecutors say, supplied the teens with pills and required them to visit his office in Blue Springs for exams two times a month. During those examinations, investigators say Mackey would make the teens perform sexual acts, telling them it was necessary to collect their semen for the study.

The recount below is again, from the probable cause statement:

‘Joe then told victim #2 that he needed to get a “semen” sample to determine if there were any effects on victim #2’s “sperm count.” Victim #2 felt it was “weird” however victim #2 related it to giving a urine sample. However Joe told victim #2 he would have to be in the room as victim #2 produced the semen sample (masturbated) to make sure it was a ‘clean sample’.’

Karen Blackwell, Director of Human Research Protection Program at the University of Kansas told investigators that “There is no record of a study of creatine use by high school athletes during the time period from 2000 to 2010.

Mark Brayer with the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of American says they received a report of inappropriate behavior by Mackey in 2011. As part of their youth protection program, Mackey was immediately removed and police were notified, he said.

Another young man told investigators that “Joe” claimed the boy had a mass in scrotum. The probable cause statement indicates that Joe instructed the boy to masturbate so he could check the mass during this time.  The victim said he was never given a prognosis related to the ‘mass’ by Joe or sent to a ‘specialist’, according to the probable cause statement.

A spokesperson for the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said Joseph Mackey was supposed to turn himself in to Blue Springs Police on Friday, but he was not in custody Friday evening. On Monday, FOX 4 received confirmation that he turned himself in, but was released after posting bond.

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