Johnson County man upset with airline for misplacing his son’s EpiPen

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LEAWOOD, Kan. -- A father from Johnson County says his family was in terror.

The airline passenger from Leawood says his family's flight to Montreal was complicated, after a major airline confiscated an Epi-pen, which is meant to help treat his four-year old son's allergies.

It was an airport experience Todd Natenberg's family wish they could forget. Todd says it was three weeks ago, when his family's Canadian-bound flight stopped for a connection in Philadelphia, and his son's medical bag turned up missing.

Natenberg says one of his twin sons, four-year-old Teddy, is severely allergic to bee stings. The missing bag held an Epi-pen, which delivers a strong dose of adrenaline, and can help save his life.

"A flight attendant asks, 'Are you looking for a Kansas city Royals bag', and we said, 'Yes,' Natenberg said.

The U.S. Airways attendant explained the bag had been left in Kansas City because no one claimed it. Natenberg said the attendants told him they'd asked random passengers if anyone owned the bag.

"The flight attendant said, 'Well, it's your fault. You didn't claim it'," Natenberg said.

Natenberg, 46, says that's when he had to leave the airport in Philadelphia to find a replacement Epi-pen before the family left the country on that July 31st flight.

"Once she realized what she'd done, she should have immediately called in to the customer desk, and said, 'We made a little mistake. Actually, we made a big mistake'," Natenberg complained.

Natenburg says he feels as if US Airways acted irresponsibly, and the airline owns him the replacement cost of the Epi-pen, vouchers for another flight for his family -- and an apology.

"We think that's very fair, considering what happened," Natenberg said.

That was three weeks ago, and Natenberg says he's reached out to the airline on several occasions, but thus far, he hasn't heard back. Natenberg says he now travels with his son's Epi-pen in his pocket.

Shortly after our story aired Monday at 6 p.m., FOX 4 News received an email from Ross Feinstein, a spokesperson for US Airways. Feinstein points out the flight involved in Natenberg's story was operated by Republic Airlines, a regional carrier that operates on behalf of US Airways. Feinstein says he plans to look into Natenberg's inquiry.