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Mother of Blue Springs South football player recalls accused child molester traveling with team

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- The Blue Springs School District confirmed to FOX 4 on Monday that Joseph Mackey was once team doctor for Blue Springs and Blue Springs South High Schools. While the district says the former doctor, now charged with eight counts of sodomy against adolescent boys, never traveled with the team, the mother of a former football player remembers differently.

She remembers Mackey going to out-of-town trips with the team.

"He was in the room alone with my son and that he was probably alone with other boys he met through the schools," she said.

The mother did not want to be identified because she still has children in the district. She says she remembers one time when the team went to the state championship in St. Louis. She says knows Mackey went with them because her son was ill and Mackey reassured her that he would be there to check her son before the game. She says Mackey became their family physician because of his involvement with the team.

"I'm scared. So, as I found out, my thought was immediately, 'I'm sorry'. My initial thought is to always believe the child," the mother said. "My initial thought was 'Oh my gosh, my son, and what could happen to my son.'"

The positions Mackey held in the Blue Springs School District were volunteer positions, and according to the district, he withdrew from the duties in 2011. When Mackey resigned his position as team doctor, it was at about the same time the Boy Scouts received a report of inappropriate behavior by Mackey against a boy who wold end up being Mackey's first alleged victim in the criminal case, according to prosecutors.

Many now think the volunteer positions were Mackey's way of preying on victims.

"Just being in there and seeing all of the contact that he had with youth and how many of his patients were kids, it just really, really bothered me," the mother said.

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