Parents critical of Independence district’s selection of bus stops on busy roads & near sex offender homes

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Some parents are upset about the locations of their children's school bus stop; one is located in front of a registered sex offender's house, and the other on a street the parent says is too busy to be safe for children. The director of the Independence School District's transportation department says he is meeting with parents to listen to their concerns and possibly find better stops.

One parent is not pleased because her 6th grader's new stop is on the busy 39th Street.

"He's way too young to walk in the street," said Ashley Casey. "I walked to the bus stop today. We were there for six or seven minutes and I counted 52 cars that went down 39th Street."

Casey is not alone in her displeasure at the way Independence School District has chosen bus stop locations. Brenda Dare was shocked when she found out her daughter's school bus stop was on Blue Ridge Boulevard and was across the street from a registered sex offender's home.

"Her bus stop was right there and the sex offender's driveway is right there!" said Branda Dare, another parent. "My daughter is in high school and I fought for her to get a different bus stop and her bus stop is right here."

School bus stops are not a part of the restriction placed on Missouri sex offenders. The Missouri sex offender registry only bans offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school or child care facility.

"I don't know how they're picking them but they're not doing a very good job at this," Casey said.

Casey says the district needs to physically check the stops to make sure they're safe.

"I asked him if he was aware that a sex offender lives there and he completely dodge my question he did not answer me," Casey said.

Casey says after we made calls to the district transportation director, they decided to pick her son up from their home.