After critical tweets from soccer players, Adam’s Mark Hotel is under close scrutiny

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KANSAS  CITY, Mo. -- FCKC has broken ties with the Adam's Mark Hotel after two soccer players with the Portland Thorns tweeted about the unacceptable conditions at the hotel.

Soccer player Christine Sinclair tweeted "Warning to @NWSL teams and anyone staying at the Adams Mark Hotel in Kansas City, Mo. #bedbugs #notok

Soccer player Alex Morgan tweeted: @NWSL There's no other way to address continuing problems. Hotels have been unaccpetable For ex: Bed bugs/mold @Adams Mark Hotel in KC.

The team stayed at the Adam's Mark while in town August 12 to play FCKC, and those tweets caught the attention of the Kansas City Health Department.

The last inspections of the Adam's Mark Hotel were on July 29 and August 14 and they failed the inspections for non-health and health hazard violations such as electrical issues, dust on vents, holes in walls, stains on carpets and hair on mattresses.

"We have noticed some mold but it was on caulking on shower caulking and stuff. It is not to the point that it is life threatening," said Naser Jouhari, KC Health Department.  Jouhari said they found no bed bugs.

"If a lodging facility has bed bugs problem, it is not going to be throughout the facility, it is going to be throughout certain rooms, so probably that is why we contacted complainant to get more information and we want to know which room they stayed at," he said.

The Kansas City Health Department is able to inspect each of Kansas City's 103 hotels only once or twice a year.

"So we give them one last chance which is another two weeks period of time to fix those violations." "And if they are  not fixed in those two weeks?" "We have only one last option. Cease operation," said Jouhari said.

FCKC sent a statement regarding the issue that reads, in part:

"The hotel apologized, quickly provided a new room, and insisted the problem had been corrected. Upon learning of the situation, the National Women`s Soccer League immediately spoke with both clubs, and FC Kansas City had already addressed the issue.   For the remainder of the season, rooms have already been secured at another hotel."