Plumber says unmarked gas line could have caused big fire in Overland Park

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A plumber replacing a external waterline at 60th and Robinson in Overland Park is being credited for stopping the job when he found an unmarked gas line.

Whenever you're digging in your yard you're required to call dig safe in Kansas and dig rite in Missouri to have your utility lines located and marked.

The Kansas Gas Service says the homeowner and plumber did that and most of the lines were marked except the main gas line.

"They should be able to locate this right on the money but this one just got passed by," says Dan Riden, plumber.

Steve Larson says if he dug deeper he would have yanked the main gas line out and it could have caused a dangerous gas leak.

"If I were to hit that line, there's a real potential of spark and if that spark goes then we got fire and we've got big fire because it's going to be fed by a 2 inch or 3 inch gas line," said contractor Steve Larson.

Riden says this isn't the first time the utility locating company missed a gas line, so he called the state regulatory agency, the Kansas Corporation Commission to report the mishap.  A KCC inspector is now investigating.

The homeowner says he's glad the plumber was alert and noticed the gas line before it was too late.