Police arrest, charge man accused of taking man’s money, refusing to give him tablet

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Jose Mendoza Ortiz

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KCMO police arrested a man on Monday who they believe took an man’s money and refused to give him a tablet.

Jose Mendoza-Ortiz, 19, of Kansas City, Missouri was charged with aggravated robbery in connection to the case.

Police say that around 1:10 p.m. on Wed. July 22 the victim, Antonio Bustos,  was pumping gas into his vehicle when he noticed a woman who was sitting in the passenger side of another vehicle offering to sell him a tablet.

Bustos told police that he began chatting with the woman, and the two eventually agreed on a price he could buy the tablet for. Police say Bustos returned to his vehicle to gather payment. Then upon his return to the seller’s vehicle, he was asked to walk around to the driver’s side. Bustos says he then tried to hand Mendoza-Ortiz, who was in the driver’s seat, his money and reached for the tablet he was trying to purchase. Bustos was not given the tablet and the vehicle began moving and dragged the victim nearly 40 feet until he was able to let go.

Mendoza-Ortiz is being held with bond set at $50,000.