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Anguishing and rejoicing after fire takes all but lives

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A family of five work up to smoke and flames this morning and was able to escape before the fire destroyed everything they have. Firefighters say a neighbor called shortly after 11 a.m. Thursday to report a fire at a home at the corner of 68th Street and Agnes in east Kansas City.

The family said the smell of smoke woke them up and the five of them escaped quickly. Monica Garner said, "We ain't got nothing. We ain't got nothing. We were all in there. It's just a blessing we made it out." The family said they ran out, some of them not even dressed. Monica's sister Debra said, "The neighbors brought them some clothes to put on, got them out, it's just a blessing Lord."

The two women, a toddler, and a great-great-great grandma huddled close in the front yard after the fire. Kansas City Fire Department Sgt. James Garrett said, "Those are usually the ones who need help getting out of the house, but I think they did a real good job in making sure they gather up one another and making sure they got out in the yard."

The American Red Cross came to help the family while fire investigators say they'll work to pinpoint what caused the fire.