Chow rescued by KC Pet Project after being severely neglected passes away

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(photo courtesy of Harry's Foster family)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Chow dog that was rescued by KC Pet Project died on Thursday.

Harry the Chow was rescued in June after suffering from severe neglect.

When Harry was brought into KC Pet Project he had five pounds of matted hair on his body. It took workers more than two hours just to shave it all off. He was also partially blind due to scarred corneas, which were caused by his eyelashes growing into his eyes.

KC Pet Project says Harry died peacefully surround by members of his foster family and members of the shelter.

He had recently be diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable tumor in his mouth.

“His legacy will live on through the outpouring of support for this gentle soul, now helping countless other pets who will come to our shelter also in need of help,” KC Pet Project said in a news release. “We thank you all that you did to share Harry’s story locally and around the world, and know that we did all we could to help him experience love while he was with us.”

KC Pet Project reminds the community that they can donate money to help defray the costs as they help animals like Harry.