The kind of neighbors every family needs

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BRIARCLIFF, Mo. -- Neighbors are helping a Northland family after a fire destroyed their mansion this morning near the 1200 block of NW 43rd Street, north of the river.

The family who lived in the house had been renting here for almost a decade and in that time, they say they've gotten to know their neighbors really well. It's those neighbors who are helping them now that they've lost everything due to a Thursday morning fire.

Mika Hanks was on here way to work when she got the call and turned around. She said she could see the smoke and flames destroying her home, from her view on the freeway. She said, "Reality sunk in seeing all the smoke which was everything we had lost." She said her husband was at work and kids were at school. "I'm just blessed we weren't in there."

But was was in the home was nearly a decade-worth of belongings. Their neighbor, Amy Gamble, said, "We're trying to get together socks and underwear and changes of clothes for them and get them back on their feet."

Neighbors collected cash and went shopping Thursday, trying to help the Hanks, especially their three young kids. "It's just really generous of everyone and so appreciated. We're blessed for that most definitely. We appreciate everything."

The owner of the home also came out to assess damage. Firefighters say they're working to learn more about how the fire began.