‘Get a real job’ JoCo storage facility owner would tell thief who broke into units

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Jason Clark, charged with theft of storage locker contents

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Jason Clark, 42, is charged in Johnson County with 23 separate theft felonies amounting to thousands of dollars of stolen property.

Prosecutors accuse him of breaking into a storage facility called Double Diamond Storage in March.

surveillanceThe owner of the storage facility says two men were seen on surveillance video coming in at the back of his property.

“They cut the fence back by the trash dumpster, said Dave Krause.

They left behind locks that they had … and also something else.

“There was actually blood found so the guy must have cut himself when he was cutting one of the locks so they did get DNA from that,” said Krause.

Police say the suspects were looking for tools and construction equipment that would be easy to sell. They believe they also broke into and stole from several construction sites.

“First I would hand them a bill that says this is what you owe us, no, I would just say uh, get a real job, honestly, I think a lot of these guys have nothing better to do and if they actually use their mind in a valuable way they could be successful in life but they have to steal, so,” said Krause.

A second male suspect and a woman who acted as lookout were also involved, according to police, but they have not been located.

11 storage units were broken into

11 storage units were broken into