Lee’s Summit H.S. football player gives up playing after frightening heat stroke

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LEES SUMMIT, Mo - A former Lee's Summit West football player will never take the field again after suffering a heat stroke last year.

Jacob Williamson collapsed at practice one year ago Thursday. After several months of rehab, he's recovered, but he won't be playing with his teammates and life will never be the same.

"I remember I had a pretty decent headache. Ears were ringing. Dizzy," Jacob Williamson said.

Heat index numbers were reaching 100 degrees one year ago.

"I came home and I said man it's really hot today. Boy Jake's not gonna like that. It wasn't just a few moments after that, the phone rang," Mark Williamson said.

In the middle of practice, star Center Jacob Williamson collapsed on the field.

"I remember a whistle then everything was black."

Jacob's parents rushed to the hospital. Doctors told them their teenage son suffered a heat stroke and was in a coma.

"To physically see Jake in that condition, was just...you can't describe it."

After several days, Jacob started to improve but the anger set in. The teen's parent's started tow wonder how the school district could allow this to happen.

"You begin to question some actions that were taken or weren't taken," Mark Williamson said.

To make sure this didn't happen to another player, the Williamsons met with the district and administrators vowed to make a change this season.

"It sounds like there is some additional or I should say more accurate monitoring of the temperature and heat index going on at those practices."

After several months of physical rehab, Jacob is getting back to normal but has decided not to risk his health.

"Giving up football was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make."

He's decided to go to med school instead, to help kids like him get through what he did.

His life change but Jacob says one thing will always remain the same; his love for football and his teammates.

"I'd give a lot to be out there. If I could give one message to those guys out there, just plays your hearts out."