At least 7 dead after vintage military jet crashes at UK air show

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Instagram user @sousanka was at the Shoreham Airshow in the United Kingdom when a jet crashed, killing at least 7 people Saturday. She shared this photo of smoke rising from the scene. Cleared for use on all platforms and affiliates via Capture – Stina x71244 Waiting for her to write back with some color

(CNN) — Police on Sunday will search for possible additional victims after a Cold War-era military jet that was part of an air show crashed on a busy highway in southeastern England.

At least seven people died Saturday, all of them on the road next to the airport, Police Superintendent Jane Derrick said.

The pilot was pulled from the wreckage of the plane and was airlifted to the Royal Sussex County Hospital, where he remained critically injured, Derrick said.

“It is possible that there are still bodies at the scene and it is important that our search is professional and thorough,” Derrick said at a news conference.

The Hawker Hunter jet was flying a loop when it nose-dived about 1:20 p.m. local time (9:20 a.m. ET) onto the road adjacent to the airport near Shoreham in Sussex. The road, the A27, will remain closed while the search is underway, she said.

The air show featured vintage military aircraft and was being put on by the Sea Royal Air Force Association.

Shoreham Airshow organizers said the Sunday session of the show has been canceled.

“Shoreham Airshow will not be taking place tomorrow because of the serious nature of today’s incident,” the website said. “We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but we hope the public will understand our decision.”

Authorities asked anybody with still or video images of the crash to contact them.

“Sussex Police and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch have asked that anyone with photographs or video footage that may help with their investigations should send their contact details to,” the airshow organizers said. “Do not send files, just contact details and information about the material you have.”

About 2,000 Hawker Hunter single-seat jets were built in the 1950s in the Netherlands and Belgium, according to IHS Jane’s Defense Industry. The plane is about 46 to 49 feet long, depending on the model, with a wingspan of 33 feet 8 inches.

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