Mother of 15-year-old KC boy shot in chest says she’s angry, but doesn’t hate suspects

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 19-year-old Kansas City man was charged Wednesday with first degree assault and armed criminal action in connection with the shooting Monday afternoon of a 15-year-old in the 300 block of Cypress Avenue.

L Walters

Leroy Walters, charged with assault in shooting of 15-year-old.

Leroy Walters faces charges of first degree assault, and armed criminal action. The shooting happened near Anderson and Cypress, Monday afternoon, Aug. 24.

The charges against Walters do not name him as the gunman who stepped out of a cab and shot the 15 year-old. Police say they arrived at the shooting scene to find the 15-year old boy lying next to a tree, suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest. Court documents say the victim was with a group of friends, when 19 year-old Leroy Walters and several others pulled up in a yellow cab. The victim reportedly recognized two of the four people inside, when he was speaking with Walters.

Documents say that's when one of the teenagers inside the cab tried to rob the victim, and hit him in the face causing the gun to fire. Court documents say the gunman then stepped back and shot the victim in the chest.

"I don't have any hate for this person. I am angry. To say I'm not would be a lie because you tried to take my son,” said Janetta Harris. "You don’t know how many people you affected when you tried to take my son's life," Harris continued.

The juvenile suspect reportedly got back into the cab and left with Walters. Court documents say Walters admits to being the driver, but insists he didn't fire any shots. No word on the charges for the juvenile suspected of carrying out the shooting. Meanwhile, prosecutors requested a $150,000 bond for Walters. Janetta Harris says her son has been upgraded from critical to stable condition.

Harris asked that we not name him, but a neighbor in the 300 block of Cypress says the victim was a student at Northeast High School.

"I've known him ever since he was born," said Larry Williams, speaking about the victim.

He said friends of the 15-year-old ran to help when they realized he'd been shot.

"They said that they knew (him) and they saw that he'd gotten shot in the chest and they didn't know what had happened from there," Williams said.

Another witness to the shooting who didn't want to go on camera told FOX 4's Megan Dillard that the others were encouraging him.

"I was trying to support him, got him up against a tree, he became more lethargic and was losing ground," the unidentified witness said.

"I couldn't believe what I heard when he got shot because he seemed like he was a very, he's not a bad kid. He seemed like a good kid," said Williams. "I hope he's learning from that. It doesn't pay to hang with the wrong boys."

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