KC dog named River because of where he was found suffering from severe mange

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River, being cared for by Great Plains SPCA

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — An area shelter is investigating a case of animal neglect. Volunteers at Great Plains SPCA are busy caring for a dog with an extreme case of mange. The eight-months-old bulldog mix, named River, was brought into the shelter after being found behind a dumpster near the Little Blue River on Monday.

River will need about a month’s worth of treatment to recover from mange, which is a result of severe neglect.

“It looks really bad. He has it all over his entire body, all over his neck, and it’s on every foot, and it just keeps expanding all over his skin,” said Rachel Hodgson, Great Plains SPCA.

Hodgson says River was wearing a collar when he was found, which suggests that he has an owner.

River suffering from mange

River suffering from mange

Mange on River's paw.

Mange on River’s paw.

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