White House jumper killed after pulling knife in court

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Curtis Smith

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa.  — A man who once jumped a fence at the White House was shot and killed at a Pennsylvania courthouse Tuesday after slashing a sheriff’s deputy with a knife, an official said.

In this story

  • Curtis Smith, 34, attacks a sheriff's deputy with a knife
  • A second sheriff's deputy draws weapon
  • Smith climbed an outer stone wall near the White House in March

Curtis Smith, 34, attacked the deputy at the security entrance to the Chester County Justice Center in West Chester, according to a statement from the office of Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan. A second deputy drew a weapon and shot Smith.

“In Chester County, we have trained intensively to deal with the threat of an attacker in the Justice Center or any other public building. Today, that training paid off,” Hogan said.

Hogan said in his statement that Smith is the same man who climbed an outer stone wall near the White House in March. It was not clear why he was at the courthouse.

The injured sheriff’s deputy suffered wounds to his hand and arm. He was transported to a hospital and is in stable condition.

Smith was pronounced dead at a hospital.

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