Alex Gordon from Lincoln, Neb. drawing big crowds in Omaha during rehab

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OMAHA, Neb. -- Alex Gordon is in rehabilitation in Omaha, and drawing bigger crowds for the Omaha Storm Chasers. While the outfielder is working hard to return to Kauffman, fans in Nebraska, where Gordon is considered a 'native son' are happy that he's home.

Werner Park has been selling out, and a lot of people in Omaha will tell you that the Royals' success has been the Storm Chasers' success, but it's Alex Gordon who has provided an added excitement to nights at the ballpark in Omaha.

FOX 4's Abby Eden is in Omaha for the Friday night game. She says the Storm Chasers say that usually at this point in the season, attendance starts to drop off because school is back in session, but this year it has remained steady, and many are out to see Gordon.

One Storm Chasers staff member has started calling Gordon "Earwax Gordon" because everytime he comes up to the plate, the crowd gets loud.

"To have him here, after all his Gold Gloves, after the World Series,.. This is different, this is different than 2010 when he was trying to find himself, trying to find his career. He's not trying to find himself now. He's just simply trying to get healthy to try to get back to the big leagues and work with the club to win another World Series," says Martie Cordaro,  Storm Chasers General Manager.

Gordon is never far away from Nebraska, of course. During the off-season, Gordon, his wife Jamie and family live in Lincoln, where they're from.  They are known for their generosity, helping causes close to their hearts.

From 2011 to 2012 the Gordons helped the Diamond Dawgs, a 12-and-under team in Lincoln, raise money for breast cancer causes as well as a trip for the entire team to New York for a big baseball tournament. That season, the Diamond Dawgs donned pink jerseys and dedicated their season to ending breast cancer.

One of the kids on the team lost his mother that year to breast cancer.

Alex Gordon's mother is also a breast cancer survivor, further creating a bond between Gordon and the team that is now in their teen-years.

When Alex Gordon found out about the Diamond Dawgs, he instantly agreed to do what he could.

He helped the team raise more than $125,000 that year, about $60,000 went to the American Cancer Society.