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Bus driver’s small gesture scores big with passengers

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- A bus driver is being commended for an act of kindness that went a long way on Tuesday, according to WITI.

Milwaukee County bus driver Chris Martin says he always try to look out for his riders, WITI reports.

"I always try to help out when I can," Martin told WITI.

On Tuesday when Martin dropped off an elderly man he went above his job duty. According to WITI, Martin parked the bus and helped walk the man across the street to the connected bus and other riders inside took notice.

"Our driver's and all of our employees do a great job, and we're happy to help highlight it," MCTS spokesperson Brendan Conway told WITI.

"We`re all people and sometimes we need help," Martin told WITI.

Martin also told WITI that he is not the only one who helps out his riders. He added that his co-workers do the same.