Family of accused murderer affirms their love for him, while victim’s wife longs for his imprisonment

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- One of the men charged with murder at She's a Pistol was expected to enter a plea Thursday afternoon but the case was continued. Family of DeAnthony Wiley, the 20-year-old accused of taking part in the botched robbery and murder, spoke with FOX 4.

"Housekeeping issues we want to resolve before we enter a plea" those are the words Wiley's attorney expressed during his hearing. Wiley is one of four charged with murder in the She's a Pistol case.

His family sat right behind him also grieving over the fate of their loved one.

"I'm not excusing his behavior but we love him. We are going to show love," says Belinda Wiley of her nephew.

Prosecutors believe Wiley pulled the trigger in January and killed She's a Pistol co-owner Jon Bieker as he tried to defend his wife, Becky. Wiley's continuance was no surprise to Becky Bieker. She says she just wants justice.

"Justice to me is that these people serve the time that is allowable by law. And by that I mean the maximum allowable by law," she says.

The Wiley family offered apologies to the Biekers asking for more understanding. Wiley's attorney told FOX 4 that he is not admitting to being the gunman, but admitting that the murder happened during the course of the robbery.

"We forgive him. We have all made mistakes. We have all done something wrong," Belinda Wiley says.

But Bieker says it's too late for apologies.

"A mistake is running red light. A mistake is running a stop sign. A mistake is not choosing to load a fire arm, drive across state line, enter a store, and hold people at gun point and then kill someone," says Bieker.

The next court hearing for DeAnthony Wiley is scheduled for September 18th.