Rear window shatters in Lenexa police vehicle due to stress fracture, not gunfire

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LENEXA, Kan. -- Police determined Thursday afternoon that the rear window of  police vehicle experienced a stress fracture that caused the window to buckle, and that no shots were fired at the officer.

Police say the veteran officer at first thought he had been fired upon in the area of Prairie Star Parkway and K-7, where he was conducting radar/speed enforcement. The officer was stopped on the side of the highway when the he felt a percussion in his chest and observed the rear window of his vehicle was shattered.

The officer was not injured. He then observed a suspicious vehicle on the ramp of K-7, traveling down the ramp and then proceeding to back up the ramp and travel in the opposite direction at a high rate of speed.

The officer used his radio to alert other officers of the situation and investigators responded to the scene.

K-7 was closed between 83rd Street and K-10 for two and a half hours while police investigated.

The sight alarmed people in the area.

"We saw officers on the side of the road, rifles out, pointing to the east. We noticed there were quite a few cars out there," said Jeffrey Mullins, who manages the nursery at Suburban Lawn and Garden.

Police told people to remain inside. Mullins says an officer told his staff they were searching for a gunman. Everybody was stuck in the building.

"He told us there might have been a gunman loose, and that we should all stay indoors," Mullins said.

At Kaw Prairie Community Church, the worship leader was helping conduct an event for 25 preschoolers and their mothers when they got word of what was happening.

"It was surreal," said Bryan Thompson. "You try to stay calm. You try to keep everyone else calm that's inside, and just do your best to think through worst case scenario. What would you do?"

Once the Crime Lab was able to complete its investigation, it was determined that the window had a stress fracture and buckled, causing a louse noise and the percussion experience the officer felt.