6-year-old Oregon boy donates his own money to firefighters after hearing about wildfire deaths

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- As the smoke from wildfires spread into Portland, Oregon, it made one little boy in the area curious.

The six-year-old heard about firefighters putting their lives in danger to fight fires in the state of Washington. So he decided he wanted to help.

It's a wonder really, the things six-year-old Abay Milner comes up with; his Lego creations, and the words he concocts. The soon to be first grader is always asking questions, always wanting to know more.

So when a thick smoky haze settled in over Portland this weekend he thought:

"’Where’s the smoke coming from?’ Is the first thing I thought, and then ‘why is the smoke all the way here in Portland?’ And then, ‘there's a wildfire?  Where is the wildfire?’  And then I thought, 'oh it’s far away. That's good. No ashes in smoke, no ashes,'" recalled a pondering Milner.

But then he knew he had to do something.

"We heard about three firefighters who died," he said.

A drawing perhaps, to show his support.

"I wrote 'for firefighters who died in wildfires' memory box and I said 'from Abay, thank you for risking your life to save others,'" said Milner.

The guys at Fire Station 13 had no idea what was coming their way.

"Boy walked up with mother, had a little box with him said he had gift give us,” said Firefighter Kevin Dolphin. "Because he had heard about fire fighters that passed away up in Washington."

Little Abay Milner handed over that box, and inside was more than just a letter.

"I put all of my giving away money in it.  I wanted to give a present that's really all I had,” said Milner.

Some $20 in change he'd been saving up. He calls it “his giving away money.”

"I thought awesome that he kind of took that upon self to save money, money he could spend on something for himself, eh gave to us,” said Dolphin.

It's a small gesture, from the big-hearted six-year-old.

"Sometimes the best time to do is when you feel like doing it,” said Milner.

A thank you to the heroes on the fire lines.

"I don't know who these guys are, but I felt sad that they had to have that kind of death. They risk their lives for others they don't even know,” said Milner.

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