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Metro man with stage 4 cancer marks one year anniversary of diagnosis, says “he’s not going anywhere”

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Doctors told him he had seven months to live and now, one year later, he continues to prove them wrong.

Tim Grimes was diagnosed with stage four cancer one year ago, Saturday. Doctors told him it had spread to his lymph nodes and brain. They gave him seven to nine months to live, but he’s still standing and says he’s not going anywhere.

“Are all these people here for you?” a friend asked.

A packed house, some Grimes has known for years, some he just met, but all have one thing in common.

“All the people that are here today, are basically the reason I'm here,” said Grimes.

When Grimes woke up on this day one year ago, he had no idea his life was going to be turned upside down. Doctors told him he had stage four cancer and only months to live.

“Usually when it hits your brain, it's game over,” he said.

It was at that point he made a decision, he could either fight it or let it define him.

“I kind of walked in there and said 'let's do this. I'm not going anywhere,'” recalled Grimes.

He fought through treatments with an undeniable spirit. A type of bright light that everyone around him was drawn to and inspired by.

“Not only has he inspired his friends and family, he's inspired people all over. He gets messages from people all over the nation,” friend Kara Smith said.

The Royals superfan even got the attention of the boys in blue; professional players he now calls close friends.

“They were beating the odds and proving people wrong and it gave me inspiration. They made me feel a part of the team and still do,” said Grimes.

On a day his doctors told him he wouldn’t live to see, Grimes continues to fight and continues to teach everyone around him, you can always find a light even in the dark.

“I was diagnosed with stage four cancer. A lot of people would think of that as the end of the road. But the way I see it, it was just a speed bump,” he said.

As far as Grimes' future, he’s taking it day by day. He still has cancer, but doctors are able to keep it under control. Grimes says it’s just like his saying goes, “he’s not going anywhere.”

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