Cross sentencing phase begins Tuesday

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OLATHE, Kan. -- The man who killed three people at Overland Park Jewish centers a year and half ago is now trying to save his own life. A jury found Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr. guilty Monday of capital murder and other related crimes. The sentencing phase of the trial began Tuesday morning at the Johnson County District Courthouse.

In this part of the trial, Cross is able to submit into evidence things that were previously rejected by prosecutors, based on relevance during the guilty phase. Cross presented things he said speaks to his mindset. Tuesday, jurors sat through hours of video and witness testimony.

Prosectors asked jurors for a death penalty decision. "Now it's time to decided the fate of a convicted murderer." The state called one witness to the stand, an Overland Park police detective who confirmed flyers Cross had in his car were publicly posted online, advertising the teen talent competition he targeted the day of the shootings.

After the state rested, Cross began his side.

He told jurors, "I'm not going to beg; not going to plead. That's just not my style."

Part of his evidence included videos of politicians he said inspired his anti-Jewish beliefs. He stopped the videos often, for emphasis, at one point asking the jury, "Did you all catch that? The United States of America rules the world, but Israel rules the United States of America."

Cross then called Alex Linder to the stand, his first witness. Linder said he vouches for Cross' character, calling him "selfless" and "a good man."

"Miller [Cross] is a man of my same way of thinking of things," said Linder, who runs a white supremacist website.

When prosecutors asked in cross-examination whether Linder supported Cross' murders, Linder paused silently for about ten seconds before responding, "I don't want to answer that."

Cross promised more evidence and witnesses, including a doctor from California who is supposed to testify about Cross failing health and emphysema. Cross told the court he plans to present evidence through Friday.

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