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KCK police say multiple shots fired during altercation over stolen truck

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Police say what started as an argument in a gas station parking lot, escalated into an incident where multiple shots were fired, and witnesses say a woman was pistol-whipped repeatedly.

This skirmish began, according to police, when a man working in the area noticed someone driving a pickup truck, a Chevrolet, he had reported as being stolen. Police say he followed that truck into the 7-Eleven convenience store parking lot in the 4300 block of Shawnee Drive, where, when he confronted the man, an argument ensued, and one person ended up leaving in an ambulance.

"I'm shook up. I'm really shook up," Kevin Wilson, a witness, said.

Many people at that store were stunned by what they saw. Police say the driver of a Dodge pickup truck followed the stolen truck into the gas station, which according to police, he says he'd reported as being stolen. KCK Police Spokesperson Patrick McCallop says multiple gunshots were fired in the altercation.

"The guy came speeding up right there, got out and pistol whipped her and started shooting out there," Wilson said.

Wilson, 38, says he stopped at the gas station for coffee while traveling to his job at the post office. He says he looked on as the Dodge driver pulled a gun and laughed as he pistol-whipped the female in the Chevy.

"He reached down and he had the gun literally pressed to the top of her head. She was begging for her life," Wilson said.

FOX 4 News has learned that Chevrolet was stolen from an address in Shawnee. Wilson says a handful of customers looked on from the store windows, as clouds of gun smoke rose from the argument.

"Sitting there watching a woman begging for her life while a man has a gun over her? We were all sure he was going to shoot her," Wilson said.

Wilson says he saw that woman bleeding heavily as she was loaded into an ambulance. Office McCallop says police are trying to determine who's at fault, and he advises against acting without the police if you spot a car you believe to be stolen.

"It would be nice to call the police, and stay a safe distance behind the other vehicle. Hopefully, they park and get out of it, and we can respond, and take it into custody safely," McCallop said.

Officer McCallop said everyone in the store was fine, and there was no attempt to rob the cashier. Police took one person into custody for questioning, but so far, no one has been charged with a crime.

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