Local man volunteers to paint fire hydrants in order to spruce up KC neighborhood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local man is volunteering his time and money to spruce up his Kansas City neighborhood.

You might start seeing a little more color in South Hyde Park, from Troost to Gillham and 39th to Emanuel Cleaver Blvd.

One local man has taken it upon himself to give this neighborhood some enhancements by painting fire hydrants.

"I just love the neighborhood and I just recently moved over here about a year ago, and I just want to continue to make the neighborhood look even more beautiful than it is, and do whatever I can on my spare time to help the neighborhood out," said Nickolas Wood, who has been a painting contractor in Kansas City for 10 years.

About a week ago he started painted something besides houses, after calling the local fire marshal.

"He gave me the color scheme, and it`s 'International Orange.' A lot of people are wondering how come I'm painting them orange and not red, that`s why, it is Kansas City code," Wood said.  "He explained that I had to paint them a certain way, and he emailed me all the information and was just glad I was doing it."

You might see Wood pulling his wagon filled with paint and materials he pays for himself, during his free time, .

"He was across the street painting the fire hydrant, so I asked him what are you doing, and he explained the thing to me, and I thought 'man, that`s just fantastic,'" said Dale Svaglic, who has lived in this neighborhood for 52 years.

He also lives across from Wood.

"If all kinds of neighbors would do one little teeny tiny thing to improve the neighborhood, it would be a whole bunch better," added Svaglic.

Wood says most people who walk by him painting think the city hired him to do it, but that's not the case. He just wanted to make the neighborhood look better.

"There are just some of them that are in really, really bad shape," Wood said. "It just look so much better to go down the street and, I have gloss, they always look wet and shiny."

He originally just painted the fire hydrant outside of his house, but after getting such a great reaction from the fire department testing out the hydrants, he began his project.

Wood says he'll continue to paint each one of the hydrants in the neighborhood, until they're all done.

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