Hundreds turn out to ask Gov. Brownback to stop transfer of Guantanamo Bay prisoners to Fort Leavenworth

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LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -  Hundreds of people packed into a Leavenworth Community Center Thursday for the opportunity to tell Governor Sam Brownback how they feel about the possibility of Guantanamo Bay prisoners being transferred to Fort Leavenworth.

Robert Katzenberger is an Army dad who says his son, Jeremy, fought and died for safety on American soil.  Just five weeks before he was killed in action, he called his father.

"He said, ‘Dad, we're fighting these terrorists over here so that you don't have to have them on American soil,’" Katzenberger said.

Katzenberger said that's why terror suspects from Guantanamo Bay can't come to Leavenworth.

"We can't take the chance of having these terrorists here and making us a target for the entire world," he said.

Katzenberger's concern for safety- was echoed by many at the town hall meeting with Governor Sam Brownback.  Also addressed, were economic concerns, and sheer logistics for how city agencies would cope with the potential extra work load.

Still others said the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay shouldn't even be there.

"If we really love this country, we have to look at the fact that we can't keep behaving like this around the world, we can't keep these torture camps going on throughout the world," one commenter said.

Brownback said he will make sure the prisoners will not be moved to Leavenworth, that he will fight the move.  A majority of the citizens, for many different reasons, said they hope he keeps good on the promise to deny the transfer of prisoners.

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