Students released from hospital after being transported for breathing problems due to aerosol

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An aerosol can that was discharged at Smith Hale Middle School, 8900 block of Longview Road, has landed a handful of students and adults in the hospital with breathing problems Thursday.

Hazmat crews were called to the scene to investigate and they determined the aerosol can had caused the issues and complaints.

Police were also there to investigate. They did not say what kind of substance was sprayed from the can that caused the irritation.  The students were evacuated for nearly an hour.

A seventh-grader in the school told FOX 4 that they were surprised to see a fellow student cover himself in room deodorizer.

James Garrett with the Kansas City Fire Department says that once the aerosol substance hit the air it created a breathing problem for the 22 students in the classroom.

"They were starting to have trouble breathing and stuff," student Jonathan McFadden said. "They had to call an ambulance up here because so many of them were starting to stop breathing. I mean, everything`s OK now."

A statement from HCA Midwest Health says that a pregnant adult was treated and released. Six children and one more adult were also treated, but at a different facility and later released.

“We are proud of how well the system worked—from the school's protocols to the triaging and treatment by first responders,”  says Jason Eppler, M.D., Emergency Department Medical Director, Research Medical Center. "Everyone worked very well and efficiently together and did a tremendous job, which allowed us to immediately treat patients. And, as always,  it was rewarding to reunite concerned parents with their children, who we expect to be discharged this afternoon."

Ruth Terrell with Hickman-Mills School District says it's not clear yet how the student got his hands on the aerosol can.



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