Two California Airmen save 6-year-old boy from drowning

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. -- A little boy's lifeless body is found at the bottom of a pool, but luckily two airmen knew how to bring back six-year-old Ben Boncato.

Ben was swimming at the pool in Fairfield, California, which is outside of San Francisco.

He admits he took off his life-jacket and next thing he remembers he was struggling to stay afloat.

Ben's mom jumped into the pool in an attempt to save her son, but couldn't find him.

Staff Sgt. Shawn Richardson took over from there. He dove into the pool and found ben and got him out of the water. Then Staff Sgt. Edgar Hooks quickly started to perform CPR on the little boy.

“’Wake up! Wake up, Ben!’ I was literally yelling, because I needed him to open his eyes,” recalled Ben’s mother as she began to cry.

“He was coming back. And the first words he said was mama,” said an emotional Hooks.

"The guy who saved me, he was like just carrying me. I just remember that part,” recalled Ben.

Hooks says Ben was blue when he started to perform CPR, and says he wasn't about to give up in his attempt to save the young boy.

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