Woman who installed middle finger statue aimed at neighbor says life events dissolved her anger

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CHINO HILLS, Calif. — An ongoing feud between California neighbors has reached a new level, as one has installed a statue that sends a clear message to the neighbor.

The statue is of a hand with the middle finger extended in flipping-off fashion. It is pointed at the offending neighbor’s house.

The feud started 14 years ago when one neighbor, Tina Rose, built a koi pond, which crossed the property line of the other neighbor. That neighbor got upset.

So, Tina Rose rebuilt it at a cost of $30,000, and also added the statue. It has been there for many years now and neighbors say it has just become a part of the landscape.

Tina Rose installed this middle finger statue aimed at her neighbor.

Tina Rose installed this middle finger statue aimed at her neighbor.

Rose is moving out of her house soon, but says the statue will stay and it will be up to the new homeowners what they want to do with it.

She says the feud and anger she felt for her neighbor has dissipated.

“His wife is really sick and my mom is really sick and we’re both kind of going through the very same thing. And it just all of the sudden, it really wasn’t that important anymore,” said Tina, the owner of the middle-finger statue.

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