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Teacher has gun pulled on her during road rage incident in KCMO

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KANSAS CITY -- A teacher suffered quite a scare on her way to school earlier this week. She says a driver pulled up next to her and pointed a gun at her face. The road rage incident happened along Blue Parkway.

Having a gun pointed at you is scary enough, but Gloria Davis says what really spooked her was when she saw two Confederate flags displayed on the back of the gunman's pick-up truck.

"He can do what he wants to do in his home," said Davis, a middle school history teacher. "But when you are out in a neighborhood, especially in the inner city where some things are still kinda raw. You know we have nine church people to be killed in South Carolina and that's pretty raw with a lot of people. I think he basically was looking for trouble."

Davis is black and to her the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate.

She admits she was worried about being late for class Tuesday morning when she cut off the driver of a black pick-up truck.

It happened on Blue Parkway west of I-435.

She says the two vehicles honked at each other and the truck raced behind Davis' car, aggressively tailgating. She says after both turned north on Cleveland, the pick-up pulled next to her and the driver pulled out a gun.

"I don't know why but you kind of see something out of the corner of your eye," Davis explained. "I looked up and he was saying something, but I had my windows rolled up and he had this black gun pointed at me. And I didn't know what to do."

Davis braked and got behind the truck. That's when she saw two Confederate flags displayed on the back. She believes the flags are meant to antagonize, and now feels lucky that no one was shot.

Davis says she gave police a good description of the truck and driver, but says she was surprised when the officer told her this happens more often than you think.

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