Dad locks daughter out of closet until she pays off $500 cell phone bill

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HANOVER, Va. — A Virginia father took a stand in an unusual way after his teenage daughter racked up a $500 phone bill.

He locked her closet so she can’t wear the clothes she loves until she’s done the chores to pay off the debt.

“She thought after I got that bill, it was going to be a slap on the wrist, you know, don’t let it happen again type deal thing. But I think she’s been taking it pretty well,” said Jared Cramer.

The 13-year-old girl is normally quite responsible, but too many social media posts resulted in big data fees. Julia is an honor student who works with kids with special needs. Her dad says her work ethic is strong and says she’s not complaining about the extra chores.

She said, you know what dad, I know you love me, I know I messed up, and I’m gonna work this off,” said Cramer.

Cramer says she has the basic necessities like soap and a toothbrush and basic clothing, but that’s it.  He thanks other parents for their support of his stance.

It’s easy to just ground a kid and put them in their room for a day or two and not talk to them about it. I think a lot of parents have backed up a little bit and said you know what, if something like this were to happen, it’s better to stand up for themselves and have their kids face the consequence,” he said.