Heartbroken friends remember cab driver killed by gunshot as devoted, friendly, religious

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "He was just a really good guy. He liked being a cab driver and loved his kids. I just hate to hear what happened to him," says Mohammad Noor, the owner of Atlas Cab Company near Truman Road and Woodland in Kansas City.  Mohammad says Said Nureni Said, 53, was a committed cabbie who always showed up to work willing and ready to help his fellow drivers.

Said was found dead in the street early Saturday morning, Sept. 5, at 18th and Highland.

"He'd be here seven days a week, bright and early in the morning and at night. He really helped me out a lot with the day shift and night shift driving the taxi," adds Mohammad.

Mohammad says around 3:00 a.m. Saturday he and Said wrapped up the night and closed the Atlas Cab Company.

Mohammad says he drove home and that Said decided to drive to Kansas City's popular jazz district hoping to pick up more fares.

"He was just a workaholic and never really stopped. I know he was down there near 18th and Highland talking another driver from Yellow Cab Company and then about 40 minutes later, I got that terrible call that Said had been shot and killed.  My God I just couldn't believe it.  All I could do was think about him, his wife and their eight kids," says Mohammad Noor.

Mohammad Noor and Sheri Noor talk about their friend and colleague Said Said.

Mohammad Noor and Sheri Noor talk about their friend and colleague Said Said.

"For something like that to happen to such a nice, friendly and religious guy is just wrong and we're all sad," says Sheri Noor, co-owner of the Atlas Cab Company.

Right now, police don't have much to go on as they search for Said Said's killer.  Investigators do say a disturbance broke out shortly after 5:30 Saturday morning near 19th and Highland and then someone fired several gunshots.

Mohammad Noor says Said Said was standing in the street talking to a driver from Yellow Cab Company when the well-liked cab driver was shot once and later died.

"That driver told me and the police that one minute he's talking to Said, and, then all of a sudden he heard at least eight gunshots and then he saw Said get shot in the right side of his face and collapse in the street.  It was awful.  I haven't been able to sleep thinking about that good man, my friend, my worker who just died in such a bad way," adds Mohammad Noor.

"I just hope the police can find the person who killed him," says Sheri Noor.