Low test scores from Kansas students causes concern among educators

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The numbers are in, and it’s not good for Kansas students. The latest test scores show Kansas teachers are not doing enough to get students ready for college.

The test scores show that most students in Kansas are not getting the education they need to be prepared for college.

This is the first year of the new common core tests and education officials say they will adjust to make sure kids learn more in the classroom.

More than 260,000 students from third grade through high school took the test, and only 42 percent of them proved to be college ready in English and only 34 percent of them proved to be college ready in math.

It's been a challenge for Kansas teachers to transition to the common core standards that the state adopted back in 2010.

This was the second year for the Common Core State Assessment. Last year, all the test scores were thrown out due to technical glitches in the system.

While the results are disappointing, they point to just how hard it's been not only for students to learn in a new way, but for teachers to teach the material in a new way. Education officials say they are confident things will only get better from here.

"If we have kids struggling, we have to get them the supports and resources,” Brad Neuenswander with the Kansas Department of Education said. “And we do have a lot of kids in Kansas that are struggling."

The Kansas Department of Education has just released the overall results. They plan to get families individual results next month and each school district will get their results by December.