Neighbors upset with gun violence, specifically towards children, as police continue triple homicide investigation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro man, who received a knock at his door from a teen asking for help Tuesday night, finds himself in the middle of a triple homicide investigation. And neighbors who live nearby say they are fed up with the violence.

The man lives down the block from the home near 84th and Hillcrest that is now at the center of Wednesday night's triple homicide investigation.

On Wednesday FOX 4 talked to the man who helped a teenage brother of one of the victims. The man says the teen came home to find his sister, her boyfriend and his baby nephew all shot to death. But before anyone called police, that teen ran to a neighboring apartment complex for help.

The man says the teen was traumatized, blurting out something about the three being shot and started running back to his home, so the man said he followed the teen.

The man said they then went back into the home together where he made the gruesome discovery; all three: the teen mom, her boyfriend and her little baby laying lifeless in a front room of the house.

“I assessed the scene and I was disgusted. It was horrible. I just can't even understand why people would even try or do that to a human, let alone to a child," recalled the friend and neighbor of that teen.

The witness told FOX 4 that at first the teen was too traumatized to talk to police, so he spent a few minutes with him, helping to calm him down so he could give his statements. Sources tell FOX 4 the teen mom was a senior at Raytown South, and her baby was about nine months old. As of Wednesday evening, police had still not released the victims’ names, and said they are actively looking for the suspected shooter in this case.

As Kansas City homicide detectives continue their investigation, KCPD is releasing audio from the dispatchers who first sent officers to the scene. Dispatchers and officers paint the picture as police rush to what is now known as a homicide scene near 84th and Hillcrest.

It started with a dispatcher relaying information from the call that came in on 911.

“…sister, her boyfriend and their baby on the floor, the calling party stated the male has a wound to the chest,” said the dispatcher.

The woman who owns this house says she rents it to a man who has four adopted children. She said they've lived in the house at least three years.

FOX 4 reached out to the family earlier on Wednesday, however they declined to comment.

The latest homicides have people living in south Kansas City wondering what's happening to their neighborhood.

“Another kid; another baby. In the last two years, since Jamiah White this has turned around. It’s so common now that people don't know what else to do,” said KCPD Community Outreach Specialist Pat Clarke

Although the overall crime rate is down in Kansas City, Clarke says Kansas City has had 10 more homicides than at this same time last year. And what's more alarming is the age of the victims involved. It's a violent uptick that troubles police and parents across the city. Innocent young lives claimed in senseless crimes. Seven kids have been killed in the metro this year alone; four dead from gunshots.

Anyone with any information in this case is asked to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS.