The Kansas City Royals’ ‘Magic Number’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Not sure where the it came from, but ask any follower of a Major League Baseball pennant race, and chances are they know what a “Magic Number” is. The loose definition: the number a first place team needs, with a little help, to clinch a playoff berth. More specific: The total number of wins by a first place team, and loses by its closest contending second place team – that will enable that first place team to clinch a playoff berth.

As of Wednesday morning, September 9, 2015, the Royals “Magic Number” to clinch their first division title in 30 years was 13.  That means, any number of Royals wins, combined with Minnesota Twins loses (totaling 13), and the Royals would clinch the American League Central Championship; their first ever. (Their last division title came back in 1985, when the team competed in the American League West).

FOX 4 Sports talked to several players in the Royals clubhouse on Wednesday, and basically none of them knew what the team’s exact ‘Magic Number’ was. General Manager Dayton Moore not only knew the number, he knew a whole lot more.

“It’s 13. I know where we are in the standings, I know who’s playing who, I know the pitching matchups, and I’ll be following it as I’m watching the game tonight. I’ll be following what the other teams are doing,” said Moore.

He’ll be doing all of that, while he helps his own baseball team charge towards another berth in the postseason, “Magic Number” and all.