Johnson County hosts the largest Old Settlers Day Parade in Kansas

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Since 1898, Old Settlers Day has been drawing crowds in Olathe.  It started with just a few, but now 75,000 people line the parade route.

The Johnson County Old Settler's Parade is the largest in Kansas.

FOX 4's Carey Wickersham covered the parade Saturday morning and came away with a solid piece of advice: if you are looking for a good spot on the route, stay away from Dora Davis' chunk of sidewalk, who says in one more year she will be able to register as a Johnson County Old Settler, which means she has lived in the county 45 years.

For more on this story, watch Carey Wickersham’s report in the video player above.

And by the way, Saturday was a picture perfect day for the parade. FOX 4 sent several familiar faces out to ride the parade route.

Morning show anchors Mark Alford and Loren Halifax where there, as well as Meteorologist Michelle Bogowith, and anchors Mary Pulley and Rob Collins.

Check out some of the photos from the event below: