Deputies remove nearly 50 dogs from Oak Grove home

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Almost 50 dogs were discovered living in deplorable conditions inside an oak grove home, and the Jackson County Sheriff calls it the worst puppy mill he`s ever seen.

On Tuesday almost 50 American Eskimo dogs were removed from the puppy mill and were placed at the Great Plains SPCA. Sheriff's deputies say an anonymous tip led them to the discovery.

FOX 4 was there when staff saved the dogs, one by one, from the Oak Grove home.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp has seen puppy mills first hand, but this one he says is different.

“This is by far the worst one I’ve ever seen,” said Sheriff Sharp.

On Tuesday night the dogs were sleeping safe and sound in their temporary home at the Great Plains SPCA, but before that sheriff sharp says they were sleeping in their own feces.

“Throughout the house two to three inches of dog feces everywhere, dog urine everywhere, dogs walking, living and sleeping in those conditions,” said Sheriff Sharp.

On Tuesday SPCA staff remove one dog at a time from the home, and loaded each one into vans. Investigators say 24 dogs were inside the house and 23 more were in a shed behind the home.

“The ones living outside were on gravel.  Inside they were on concrete, so these dogs haven`t been able to be outside on the grass,” said Rachel Hodgson with Great Plains SPCA.

Two of the dogs might be pregnant and six of them are just puppies. A cat and one Shih Tzu were also inside the home.

“The conditions like this are just inexcusable dogs don't deserve the treatment they have received at this house,” said Sheriff Sharp.

Removing the dogs from the home wasn't an easy process. Some had never been on a leash or used a collar before.

The first van-full taken away needed immediate medical attention.

“These dogs have a very long journey in front of them, they made it through a very rough situation,” said Hodgson.

The sheriff's office says as of Tuesday night charges were pending against the owner of the dogs.

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