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FOX 4 Problem Solvers: Kansas City neighborhood left with storm damage and debris from months ago

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You may not remember the storm that hit the Kansas City Metro June 26, but those living on Crescent Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri can't forget it.

Ever since that stormy night Clara Goucher said she and her neighbors have been fighting with the city to pick up the limbs that are now piled up three-feet high outside many of the homes on her street.

"We're very frustrated," Goucher said.

Neighbor Richard Lewis said he and another homeowner have called the city repeatedly.

"To see if they would pick it up as they have done in the past in other storms and they said 'yes' they would be by to pick it up and never showed, never showed," said Lewis. "We called again and asked and they said no they changed their minds we need to get rid of the brush on our own."

These neighbors said the 4000 block of Crescent Avenue, just across the highway from Kaufman Stadium, often gets forgotten. In fact, in the 30 years Lewis has lived here, he's never seen a city snow plow clear his block, which dead ends near the freeway.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers thought the folks on Crescent Avenue deserved a little TLC from city workers. We called the office of Quinton Lucas, the city councilman at large for the 3rd District. A spokesman said he found only one complaint on the city's 311 Help line.

That's an issue Problem Solvers has confronted before where citizen complaints are rarely recorded.

The spokesman promised FOX 4 he would contact Kansas City's Parks and Recreation Department which handles storm pick up. But when we called the next day to see what he'd heard, he wouldn't tell us and referred us to the city's media department. We left a message, but never heard back.

Problem Solvers was starting to share in the frustration of the good folks on Crescent Avenue. So we called the Parks and Recreation Department ourselves. Unlike many city agencies, the website actually lists the names and phone numbers of people who work there.

A few hours later all those piles of limbs had finally been picked up and a months-old problem was solved.

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