Techweek plugs into Kansas City bringing lots of innovative ideas

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Techweek plugs into Kansas City this week, bringing scores of innovative ideas to share with the world.

The metro's up and coming startup community is becoming notable for its big ideas. That's why Techweek has grown in popularity, as the next wave of ideas is exposed to the world.

One of the key components of Techweek innovations is promoting new solutions that help businesses operate. One boutique business in downtown Kansas City is displaying such an application; one that you see when you enter their front door.

Meet Chelsea; she's a holographic greeter which asks customers whether they've come to buy a high-end car or some of the dealership's works of art. Managers at pure pursuit automotive say they couldn't do business without her smiling face.

Chelsea, as she's known, then asks the shopper to pick up an iPad, and as customers approach one of the showroom's cars, the tablet screen and visual wall come to life, telling the buyer more about each car.

Glen Dakan owns the dealership and says his shoppers think the use of technology adds to their experience.

“By the time they're in the tablet world, they've talked to Chelsea, we walk them over to the tech wall, and they're really blown away. We've had a client actually build his car on the tech wall, and we're in the process of delivering that car to him a couple of weeks later,” said Dakan.

Dakan says the virtual concierge system is also helping his business separate browsers from serious buyers, which is important in selling cars.

Techweek will continue throughout the week, awarding its prizes for technological excellence on Friday.

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