After video goes viral, local fan gets chance to dance with Taylor Swift following concert

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You might have seen Dylan Barnes on the Ellen show last week getting tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert while she's here in Kansas City.

But he didn't just get to meet the pop superstar, he got to dance with her.

It all started in his living room, but Dylan Barnes took his dancing to a whole new level Monday night at the Taylor Swift concert.

Dylan, a big fan of Taylor Swift, sang and danced to her song "Shake It Off" in his living room. The video generated more than six million views and landed him on the Ellen show.

"It was really, really fun!" said Dylan.

Ellen gave him two tickets to Swift's concert, which he attended Monday night. He says two ladies approached him while in his seats by the catwalk.

"They were like, ‘would you like to go to Loft 89 at the end of the show to meet Taylor Swift?’" recalled Dylan, who was beyond excited as he went backstage.

"Then she came in and we were all like ‘she`s here!’" added Dylan as his eyes widened and he perked up. "She had everyone go, and I was last, and she said, ‘I saved the best for last.’ She asked me if I could dance with her to 'Shake It Off.'"

And they did!

"I was really, really excited, it was really fun meeting her, she was really nice," Dylan added.

This was a dream come true for Dylan, the youngest of three boys, who takes dance lessons and wants to be on Broadway one day.

"We joke and say he came out dancing out of the womb," said Dylan's mom, Mojdeh Barnes, who he took to the concert.

She says her son's love for dance and music is obvious to everyone around him.

"We started noticing it when he started walking, he kind of just had this different kind of beat to music, and he felt the music, versus kind of dancing around silly like a normal child," Mojdeh said.

This was his second time seeing Swift in concert. But this time, he says, she wasn't the only one getting attention.

"People were coming up to me like, ‘you were on the Ellen show!’ I'm like ‘let me eat my pizza!’" he said jokingly.

If you'd like to check out Dylan's fan page, search for the “Red Headed Persian Entertainer” on Facebook.

Mojdeh says Taylor Swift treated each fan like they were the only ones in the room, and that she was truly a class act.