Construction site near Lawrence elementary school is finally secure following weeks of community complaints

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Some parents in Lawrence are upset about a construction site at New York Elementary School that was not fenced off five weeks after an eight-year-old was injured there.

Some say it took a concerned citizen’s cell phone video to get the Lawrence School District to force the construction company to install permanent fencing to keep kids off the site.

“I was really afraid some child would walk in and hurt themselves,” said Eric Kirkendall.

Kirkendall took cell phone video Sunday and says it shows the only barrier to keep kids off the construction site is an orange plastic fence and a huge section of it is on the ground.

In Kirkendall's video you can see an open ditch someone can fall into, a gas can and construction equipment that can pose a danger to kids.

Kirkendall says he shot the video to urge the Lawrence school district to force the contractor to secure the worksite with a fence.

"It takes sometimes a minute for a child to walk in somewhere they shouldn't be; fall into water, light a match, fall off a mound, it can be so quick," said Kirkendall.

Combes Construction says part of the fence was taken down so they could install a new parking lot and they couldn't put it back up into the utility workers came in to do their work.

On Tuesday FOX 4 left messages with the Lawrence School District and went to the superintendent’s office but we have yet to hear back from the superintendent or the district's public information officer.