Homeless man charged in connection to death outside of Independence 7-Eleven

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William R. Godfrey II

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Prosecutors announced on Tuesday that they have charged a homeless man in connection to the fatal beating of a man outside of an Independence 7-Eleven.

40-year-old William R. Godfrey has been charged with second degree murder in connection to the beating.

Police say they got a call around 2:30 a.m., regarding two people who were unresponsive outside of the convenience store located in the 200 block of E. 24-Highway.

The 7-Eleven employee who found the two said he was taking the trash out when he noticed two people, one of which was lying near the trash dumpster and the other lying in a pool of blood. The employee says he immediately called 911. The employee adds that he saw an empty bottle of liquor between the two. The employee also says one of the two men had been inside of the 7-Eleven just before midnight to buy the bottle of liquor.

“I went to put the trash, I saw two persons lying over there and one was in the blood,” Prudhvi Monikuntla said.

According to officers, the unresponsive individuals did not have any connection to the 7-Eleven.

“I’m nervous, I’m shocked, it is a death,” Monikuntla said.

Prosecutors say the victim, 53-year-old Paul Doughty, had lacerations on his forehead. Godfrey told prosecutors that he hit Doughty with a crate several times and kicked him in the chest and head with his steel toed boots.

Godfrey is currently being held with bond set at $150,000 cash.

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