Kind stranger gives mom and daughter Taylor Swift tickets after they discover theirs are fakes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tens of thousands of Taylor Swift fans will once more crowd the Sprint Center Tuesday night, but beware there are ticket scammers out there trying to take your money.

Helena's step-daughter inside of the Sprint Center.

Helena's step-daughter inside of the Sprint Center.

Helena Egelston couldn’t wait to take her young step-daughter to the concert. They are both huge Taylor Swift fans, so she went online Sunday night and found someone selling tickets. She shelled out $200 a ticket, but little did she know, they were fakes.

Helena said she went to the Johnson County Swap and Shop website and found two tickets for sale from a man who used the handle Williewonka.

He said his name was Eric and he couldn’t use them because he father-in-law was sick in the hospital.

“He sounded very confident in it, made me feel very comfortable, said he had a lot of people interested so he had to call me back, and he called me back within an hour later and said, yea, the people don't want it, do you want it, we can meet,” Helena said.

They met at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and she received the tickets through StubHub, thinking they were legitimate, but they were not.

The man who went by Eric collecting money from Helena.

The man who went by Eric when collecting money from Helena.

In fact, the Box Office told Helena at least 20 other people showed up with the same tickets.

As she and her step daughter stood in the corner crying, a stranger walked up and asked what had happened. After sharing her story, the woman went to the box office, bought two more tickets and gave them to Helena.

The two women who gave Helena's daughter $20.

The two women who gave Helena's daughter $20.

Two other women who heard her story chipped in to help, too.

“Two other wonderful women were standing over there, watching me stand there, breaking down and crying, came up to my daughter and gave her $20 to purchase something inside,” Helena said. “Everybody was just amazing, and it shows how much good there is out there in the world.”