Metro man says it’s an honor to be picked to perform for Pope Francis

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As Pope Francis makes his way to the U.S., many mid-westerners will trek to the east coast with hopes of getting a glimpse of the Pope.

Nick Scott says he got his Holy Ticket about a month ago when he was asked to perform for Pope Francis.

Scott is a member of the American Dancewheels Foundation, and the group will perform during the festival of families on Saturday.

The showcase will also feature appearances from Aretha Franklin, Mark Wahlberg and more.

Scott says he's thankful for the opportunity and hopes he remembers all the steps of his routine.

"I didn't know exactly what to think  because I thought she was messing with me," Scott said. "So I just think this is truly an honor to be able to dance with Pope Francis and an amazing opportunity to show others anything is possible."