Speeding driver eluding police leaves cancer patient with extensive damage to her home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man trying to get away from law enforcement crashes a car into a metro home severely damaging it Monday. A day later, the homeowner's daughter says she doesn't know how to pay to fix the damage. The woman who owns the home battles pancreatic cancer.

Regina Miller was at her mother’s home Monday night, near 24th and Brighton, when out of nowhere she says she heard something that sounded like an explosion. Someone plowed a vehicle into her mother’s house.

"My oldest grandson was sitting by the window and the impact of the car made him go to the middle of the floor," said Miller.

She had just gotten her youngest grandson out of a red wagon in the front yard that is now surrounded by debris. Miller allowed a FOX 4 camera inside to show the large cracks left behind. She said she’s not sure if the home is structurally sound, but doesn't see leaving here as an option.

“My mother is too sick. She's not going anywhere because this is her home,” said Miller.

On top of battling pancreatic cancer, Regina's mom Lenora Hayes has wreckage aftermath to think about.

"First thing you're looking for is, where's everybody? Are the kids ok?" said Hayes.

With no one hurt, the family turns its attention to paying for the damages. Regina says her mother can't afford homeowners insurance. She tells us an officer gave her the policy information for the company the car was insured with. She was told that because the car was not reported stolen, they weren't going to pay.

FOX 4 reached out to the insurer of the car, but have not yet hear back. We're also waiting to hear more about the incidents that lead up to the man crashing into Lenora Hayes’ house.