350 parishioners from the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph travel to see the Pope

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Pope Francis makes his first visit to the United States and local Catholics don't want to miss their chance to be a part of history. About 350 parishioners from the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph boarded buses.  They're on their way to witness the Pope address the world meeting of families.

There was a quiet excitement at diocese headquarters Wednesday evening as people waited with their bags packed to leave for the trip of a lifetime.

Many of the people FOX 4 spoke to hadn't had the opportunity to see a Pope in person. And many say they know this may be their only chance.

The likelihood of any of the 350 faithful getting an up-close and personal interaction with the Pope is very small, but they say it's about being a part of something bigger; a unification of people who come together in faith. And they say that's also something to look forward to.

"The interaction with other people, the spirit moving through people, from the Pope,” said Sebastien Allen, who is traveling to see the Pope. "Just the excitement of being somewhere around someone who's such an important person in our faith."

On Thursday, Pope Francis will be speaking to a joint session of congress and he'll visit St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Washington D.C. And on Friday he's going to the United Nations.

The Pope will arrive for the world meeting of families festivities on Saturday in Philadelphia.