JoCo food pantries say they’re in need of donations

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. -- Hunger is a real problem in Johnson County, and right now the shelves at the food pantries are low on supplies.

This month, Johnson County officials are asking people to help them stock up on food for the holidays. They want you to donate not just food but toiletries as well.

Families living on state assistance cannot use that money on hygienic products. So when it comes to either paying a utility bill or getting toilet paper for their family, many times they sacrifice one for the other.

“Those aren't things people think about when they come to a food pantry, but those are things we would have,” Brandy Hodge, JOCO community affairs manager, said. “So if we have them in stock, great. We love to get them out to people. But a lot of people don't know we accept those items, so we just want people to know, please donate those.”

There are currently seven outreach centers in Johnson County.

JOCO food pantries

JOCO food pantries