Classes back in session at Freeman H.S. following tornado in Cass County

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CASS COUNTY, Mo. – It was back to normal for students in the Cass Midway District on Wednesday. School was closed for two days after a tornado blew through Friday evening.

“I’m really glad we came back to school because seniors this year have to make up snow days,” said senior Aubrie Jones.

Cheerleaders and football players were getting ready for a big game against their biggest rival Drexel, but the storm interrupted practice and forced everyone inside.

“A couple of us were worried but most of us wanted to play the game. It wasn’t affecting us that much, we were ready to play,” said senior Jordan Kemp.

Fellow senior Jole Suarez added, “Just thinking it was a rain delay, we’ve had these three or four times in the past.”

Some took cover in the locker rooms, others were in the basement. Students say they waited out the storm for an hour and a half.

“Everyone’s ears started popping and you could tell the atmosphere changed and we asked ‘why were out ears popping?’ The coach said it was above us,” Jones recalled.

School surveillance cameras captured the tornado ripping through. In it you can see hail, flying debris, students running to take cover.

“There was a trailer that got tossed around a little bit and then there was a grill that did donuts over on the other side of the building,” junior Bobby Potts said.

The tornado also tore apart the school’s football field destroying the scoreboard and bleachers.