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Jerusalem Farm brings community together by focusing on the needs of others

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KANSAS CITY, Mo.  -- As Pope Francis brings his message of serving others to the United States, one Catholic community is making a difference by focusing on giving and sharing.

Jerusalem Farm is bringing people together in the Pendleton Heights neighborhood.

Members live simply, working with what the earth provides to share and focus on the needs of others.

The group volunteers to help repair homes and has established a tool lending library that anyone can use. Often people can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on tools to keep their homes up, but can do the work. Jerusalem Farm emphasizes reusing and recycling to improve lives, believing that a throwaway society often keeps the poor from moving up.

"If they just have access to the tools, they have the skill the knowledge to do the work," said Jordan Schiele, director of Jerusalem Farm. "Maybe they also need help with materials, we can help out with that. They can do the work or they have family and friends or people that can help them do that work."

The group also operates a curbside compost program, collecting food scraps from about 40 homes to create compost for their gardens. They even collect the water from the rooftops so that literally nothing goes to waste.

The food they produce is then given and shared with neighbors.

By living a simpler life, these Catholics believe they have more time to devote to helping others who are less fortunate. And sharing and working together is bringing up an entire neighborhood one house at a time.