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Local non-profit group heads to Greece to help Syrian refugees

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local non-profit "African Youth Initiative" is headed to Greece Wednesday on an emergency relief trip.

The group plans to provide aid to Syrian refugees there.

They have collected 17 boxes of donations to distribute to the Syrian refugees. Donations include items such as clothing and personal hygiene products.

"It's very important because there is an outcry of help from the migrants and refugees as you can see," Alhussain Yusuf with the organization said. "The destitute families have nothing when you're coming off the raft. They're soaked. A lot of them have lost their children at sea."

African Youth Initiative is a non-profit designed to improve life in rural African societies.

"There is an outcry for help and particularly where we are headed to because the borders are open and refugees are fleeing from the Turkish border coming onto the island so that would be one of the places that we should be going to as well," Yusuf added.